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Where Southern Senior Cuisine Puts Smiles On Faces, Reinforces Activity,
and Provides a Healthy Alternative to Bland Hospital-Style Cooking
Favorites Southern Senior Cuisine
by The Pointe Residents and Staff


Melanie Arnold:
Our resident/staff favorites from her presentation was the dirty rice with cranberry raisins and green onion. Also she was the source of the honey BBQ sauce and smoked sausage that Ken Phillips certainly enjoyed. She provided several ideas as to how to spice up our sugar cookies for the holidays.

Amanda Cleghorn: Our favorites from her was a chicken and waffle sticks that can provide up to ten grams of protein for breakfast time which will be a big help when we experience egg shortages. She also provided us with tips on presentation for our Christmas open house, such as mini cookies with whipped topping and apple/cherry pie bites! Her biggest crowd pleaser overall was her corn casserole.

Rod Clair: This was our protein man and he provided us with lots of choices. He had a really flavorful hamburger patty that was pre-seasoned and had a great flavor. His biggest hit was his cube-steak because it was more tender than the ones we usually see and experience. He also offered a lightly breaded southern style chicken tender which is something we have been seeking for a few months. The Quadriciser is a motorized passive/active therapy apparatus which provides residents and walk-ins—who need assistance with movement or are presently unable to walk—with neurological stimulation and a full range of motion the human body needs to remain healthy and mobile.

The Quadriciser simulates reciprocal movements of walking while lying in the supine position. Its cross-crawl pattern stimulates the brain and improves muscle function. The Quadriciser is a total body therapy system that offers a wide variety of therapies to those who are unable to move by themselves. As the user progresses, a more active therapy session may be obtained through simple adjustments of tension, speed, and resistance, thus providing even further results. The Quadriciser is FDA Registered and VA Approved!



2012 Health Screening at Miss. University for Women Health Fair

The Pointe Retirement Community (http://www.Plantation-Pointe.net), the finest senior care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation provider in the Golden Triangle announces that it now offers Specialty Clinical Treatments by Accelerated Care Plus™ Now Offered at its Windsor Rehab & Recovery Center on the Campus of The Pointe Retirement Community in Historic Columbus, Mississippi.

Accelerated Care Plus has reached beyond the role of a traditional device manufacturer with systematized, evidence-based clinical programs. These programs empower therapists with the tools and skill-sets necessary to treat a broader spectrum of conditions, optimize functional gains and achieve superior outcomes.

By decreasing pain, inflammation and edema, physical agent modalities promote patient comfort and tolerance, allowing earlier, more aggressive therapy intervention.
They also enable therapists to treat more complex conditions, accelerate recovery of function, enhance healing, increase strength and improve neuromuscular control in patients with orthopedic and neurological diagnoses.

With more than three decades of device research and development, ACP’s patented modalities have been referenced in over 100 research articles documenting superior clinical efficacy. They have also been used successfully in a variety of settings including long-term care, orthopedic rehabilitation, outpatient facilities and elite athletics, where ACP is the equipment of choice for over 100 professional and collegiate sports teams.

Alzheimer's Answers Begin Here

2012 Health Screening at Miss. University for Women Health Fair
Alzheimers Dot Gov [http://www.alzheimers.gov], is the government's free information resource about Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Here you can find links to authoritative, up-to-date information from agencies and organizations with expertise in these areas.


Bedford Suites 24-Hour Memory Loss Care at The Arrington

Bedford Suites is a special place within The Arrington Assisted Living Community where loved ones with mild to moderate memory loss receive 24-hour compassionate care, ongoing trans-parent diagnosis, memory enriched programs, and consistent staffing, within a calming homelike atmosphere. For more information call the Bedford Suites at (662) 241-0001 for a campus tour.